GWA consist of 4 Categories of camps.

Category 1: (Fun and Fitness)

Summer Day Fun Camp
This camp is similar to a day camp during the summer in which you may enroll your children in during the day to participate in fun activities. The purpose of this camp is house children during day time summer hours while parents are working. In this camp children will participate in structured FUN Games and activities, free play, team building activities, exercises, wrestling, and possible field trip. This is a non-intense camp and all Grade school ages are welcome.

Category 2: (No Contact Wrestling Camps )

No Contact wrestling Camps are designed for wrestlers on every level. From beginners who have never wrestled before, to advance wrestlers who are competitive on a state and national level. The focus of this specific type of camp is to help wrestlers develop muscle memory, proper form and positioning, the confidence to execute proper technique in real match situations, and to fine tune existing skills for experienced wrestlers. Wrestlers will learn how to become self sufficient and drill/practice technique without the need for a partner.

Category 3: (Wrestling Technique Camps )

Technique wrestling Camp. Put plain and simple… this camp is strictly a wrestling camp! We focus on advance wrestling techniques from all positions (Top, bottom, and Neutral)

Category 4: (All-American Series)

This is where we bring in some of the best NCAA D1 and World Level wrestlers in Nation to run a camp.

What to bring:

Great Attitude
Coconut Water
Refillable water bottle***(Mandatory!)
Healthy Lunch
Healthy snacks (please no candy or junk foods, healthy chips ok)
Extra tee shirt and shorts*
Clean socks
Books (for 1-hour rest break)*
Pillow (for 1-hour rest break)*

*For full day camps only (9am-5pm).

What not to bring:

Junk food (candy bars, hard candy, gum, sweets.)
Soda, Gatorade, Powerade
Electronic devices
Fidget Spinners

Disclaimer: The GWA Technique Camps are designed for those wrestlers looking to improve on overall technique and skill. This camp will not waste time showing wrestlers dozens of fancy moves that are less likely to work in real life situations or against stiff competition. GWA never places much emphasis on “RIGHT NOW MOVES”, which are “muscle moves” to get wins early on in a wrestler’s career against low-level competition ex: (cement mixers, head and arms, or bulldogs). Instead, we focus on a very specific skill set that will help wrestlers proGressively develop from one level to the next. The skills we teach at GWA are the very same skills that you will not only find in some of the best high school wrestlers in many of the top wrestling States in the US, but you will also find in many of the top NCAA D1 and other college wrestlers.

No fluff, no hype, no flash.
Just hardcore technical fundamentals that will kick some @$$!

Upcoming Camps

Glasgow Wrestling Academy Back to the Basics Youth and Middle School Pre-Season Camps Coming Soon.

Back to the Basics Youth and Middle School Pre-Season Camps Coming Soon.

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