(Ages 4-7)


Class Days and Times:
Tuesday and Thursday

GWA Tots, BeGinner & FUNdamentals also known in house as Level 1, is the perfect session for first time, beGinning wrestlers from ages 4 to 7 years of age. Wrestlers with up to two years experience who fall within this age range will also find this class extremely fun and beneficial.

The GWA BeGinner & FUNdamentals class is a FUN filled action packed hour that provides basic FUNdamental skill level training for young wrestlers. Participants in this class will enGage in plenty of FUN age appropriate activities that will evolve into polished FUNdamental wrestling skills as they proGress through the proGram.

GWA Tots Beginner & FUNdamentals will focus on developing our Core 10 technique skills, which will help new wrestlers to become a successful beGinner wrestler.

GWA 10 Core Technique Skills:

Stance/Motion/Level Change
Head Positioning
Set Ups/Hand Fighting
Double Leg (Offense)
Sprawl/Go behind (Defense)
Top Breakdown
2 on 1
Stand up
Single Leg

Some examples of exercises and activities young wrestlers in this session will participate in are:

Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Leap Frogs
Bear Crawls
Military Crawls
Bunny Hops
Leap Frogs
Tip the Table
Sumo Wrestling
Ball Wrestling
Heel, Toe, Knees
Forward Rolls
Relay Races and much more.

While the Goal is to advance each wrestler to the next level of our program, there is never any rush to do so. Each young wrestler progresses at his or her speed. Once a young wrestler and his or her parents feel they are ready for the next level, he or she will be tested. Participants must meet or accede the minimum requirements in order to advance to the next level. Wrestlers on this level should practice no more than 2x a week.



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