Elem-8th Grade

Advanced Fundamentals

(Level 3)

Class Days and Times:
(In Season times/days only. Start date will be announced to all members)

Monday and Wednesday
5:30PM – 6:45PM 

(Times/Dates vary depending on the season.)
(In Season)

GWA Elem-6th Grade, Advanced Fundamentals class is an ADVANCED invite only session designed specifically for the following wrestlers:

GWAAdvanced Fundamentals, also known in house as Level 3, is for wrestlers who have successfully proGressed through the BeGinner/FUNdamental class
(Level 1) and/or Elem-Middle School Intermediate/FUNdamental class, (Level 2)
and who are looking to improve his or her competitive wrestling skill set. Wrestlers on this level should practice at lease 4x a week minimum.

Wrestlers who are onGoing regular participants in our
Advanced Fundamentals (Level 3) session will:

Gain a more in depth understanding of the FUNdamentals, rules, and scoring system of Folkstyle wrestling.
– Focus on mastering positioning from all three wrestling positions: Neutral, Referees’ Position: Advantage (top), and Disadvantage (bottom).
Great emphasis will also be placed on constant movement, body positioning, mat awareness, and the beGinning phases of chain wrestling.

Wrestling match at Brookwood Tournament

While we do not push wrestlers to compete at this level, we do prepare them for the road ahead for when they choose to compete.




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